In order to give the best possible information to its customers, DS Automobiles, Stellantis group brand, has decided to give access to an independent and certified audit of real-world fuel consumption[1].

The test procedure was established with non-governmental organisations Transport & Environnement[2] and France Nature Environnement[3].

They jointly defined the procedure measuring real-world fuel consumption, audited and validated by certification body Bureau Veritas[4].

The procedure includes measurements of real-world fuel consumption on public roads open to traffic, on a 57.2 miles journey combining urban, rural and motorway sections. Vehicles were audited under real-life driving conditions with passengers and luggage loads; both air conditioning and heating system were also used during the tests. Roads used had different gradients to match normal driving conditions[5].

The use and publication of these tests represents a transparency of approach towards its customers by DS Automobiles (a brand of the Stellantis group).

[1]: Nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions.
[2]: Transport & Environment: European environmental organisation specialized in the promotion of sustainable vehicles policy.
[3]: France Nature Environnement: French federation of associations for the protection of nature and environment.
[4]: Bureau Veritas: global leader in testing, inspection and certification services.
[5]: Displayed results, which are to be distinguished from European Union’s Real Driving Emissions (sole official data), are in line with above stated hypothesis and conditions. They do not hold general value. Full measurements procedure is available on Stellantis Group website,