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DS Automobiles partners with PENSKE AUTOSPORT

After setting a number of records with its second-generation DS E-TENSE FE, DS Automobiles teams up with PENSKE AUTOSPORT for the next four seasons of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.
The DS PENSKE Formula E Team announces a pair of title-winning drivers in reigning champion Stoffel Vandoorne and Jean-Eric Vergne, the only two-time champion in the sport’s history, for the 2022-23 season.

A resolute player in the energy transition, DS Automobiles was one of the first manufacturers to commit in Formula E with DS Performance to reducing its environmental impact in the process of obtaining 3-Star Environmental Accreditation.


DS Automobiles has created its competition department, DS Performance, with the clear ambition of acquiring the necessary experience to accelerate its electrification and increase its notoriety.

Continuing this approach, our brand new DS E-TENSE FE23 single-seater developed by DS Performance will bring the experience of the track to new generation electric cars. Involved with PENSKE AUTOSPORT, DS Automobiles aims to regain its two double titles (Drivers and Teams) won in 2019 and 2020.



The third-generation 100% electric car, with its instantly-recognisable black and gold livery, perfectly embodies the ethos of DS Automobiles, and is testament to the latest technological leap.
The FE23 features a number of significant changes compared to its predecessor. The Gen3 cars are the fastest-ever seen in the Formula E World Championship, with a top speed of 280 kph, while also being 60kg lighter than the Gen2 car. Most important, however, is efficiency – with more than 40% of the energy used in a race coming from regeneration under braking.

The third-generation

Crucially, the DS E-TENSE FE23 is also more powerful, putting out 350 kW compared to 250 kW in the Gen2 car, and is equipped with four-wheel drive. A new front drivetrain adds an extra 250 kW to the rear, doubling the regeneration capacity to a total of 600 kW. Finally, thanks to the new front drivetrain, the Gen3 is the first Formula E car without hydraulic rear brakes.

Performance and efficiency

Powertrain developed by DS Performance
Maximum power: 350 kW (476 CH)
Top speed: 280 kph (optimised for street circuits)
Brakes: New front drivetrain adds 250 kW to the 350 kW generated at the rear. Electric braking system (brake-by-wire) on all four wheels.
Energy recovery power during braking: 600 kW
40% of the energy used during a race comes from regeneration under braking


According to the supplier, the Gen3 batteries are among the most advanced and durable ever made. They are made with minerals from environmentally responsible sources, while the battery cells will be reused and recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Flax and recycled carbon fibre will be used in the construction of the car’s bodywork for the first time. The carbon fibre will be recycled from the Gen2 cars in order to reduce the overall amount of new carbon fibre created.

The Gen3’s carbon footprint has been measured from the design phase to document the energy-saving measures taken as well as overall environmental impact. All unavoidable emissions will be offset as part of Formula E’s net zero carbon commitment.

At the forefront of technology

Developed by DS Performance, the racing division of DS Automobiles, the DS E-TENSE FE 23 will be the weapon of choice for the DS PENSKE team and its drivers: defending Formula E world champion Stoffel Vandoorne, and Jean-Eric Vergne ¬ the only driver in the history of Formula E to have won the title on more than one occasion.

Strengthened by its new association with PENSKE AUTOSPORT, DS Automobiles remains committed to securing more victories and titles, as well as new records, in the all-electric championship that continues to be a vector of acceleration for its research and development work.

Season 9 of Formula E promises to be one of the most competitive since the inaugural campaign began back in 2014, thanks to the innovative new Gen3 car, 11 teams on the grid and revamped sporting regulations. Race distances will now be determined by a number of laps rather than time, while teams can fast-charge their Attack Mode during the pit-stops.

From competition comes automotive innovation

Driven by audacity and the desire to build the car of tomorrow,
it is with ambition that DS Automobiles is inspired by racing technologies in its exceptional models.
To succeed with excellence in the transfer of skills between Formula E and production cars; that is the spirit of the avant-garde.



DS Automobiles has opened a whole new chapter in its commitment to Formula E by partnering with one of the most prestigious names in motorsport: PENSKE AUTOSPORT.

From season 9, the DS PENSKE Formula E Team is fielding the most prestigious driver duo in the championship with the Belgian Stoffel Vandoorne, reigning world champion, and the French driver Jean-Éric Vergne, the only double champion of discipline.

With PENSKE AUTOSPORT, Stoffel Vandoorne and Jean-Éric Vergne, DS Automobiles aims to win new titles and continue to transfer technology to its new creations, which will be exclusively electric from 2024.


Season 9

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship Season 9 kicked off on January 14, 2023 in Mexico City.

This year, the 100% electric series travels to 11 cities in America, Asia, Africa and Europe with four new circuits: Hyderabad, Cape Town, Sao Paulo and Portland.


The basic rules of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

According to the regulations, races are now held over laps instead of a set period to allow teams to better plan their race strategy. To maintain consistency with the shift to laps, race interruptions made by Safety Car and Full Course Yellow will now be compensated with extra laps, replacing the extra race time feature.

Qualifying format

The 22 drivers will be split into two groups. The four fastest from each group will then face each other in a knock-out fight.

Faster than ever

The power delivered by the Gen 3 is 350kW in qualifying and 300kW in the race.

More competition

Race interruptions made by Safety Car and Full Course Yellow are now compensated by extra laps.


DS Automobiles: the most successful manufacturer in Formula E

Season Team Races Victories Podiums Pole Position
2022-2023 DS PENSKE 12 1 3 1
2021-2022 DS TECHEETAH 16 1 7 4
2020-2021 DS TECHEETAH 15 2 5 3
2019-2020 DS TECHEETAH 11 4 9 5
2018-2019 DS TECHEETAH 13 3 7 3
2017-2018 DS Virgin Racing 12 2 6 0
2016-2017 DS Virgin Racing 12 2 6 2
2015-2016 DS Virgin Racing 10 1 4 4
TOTAL 101 16 47 22