March 23, 2022



Anne Lopez has been named first winner of the DS x MÉTIERS D’ART competition. She was able to demonstrate her expertise by producing the interior trim for a unique DS 9: DS 9 MÉTIERS D’ART.

Introduced by DS Automobiles, DS x MÉTIERS D’ART is a contest open to creative craftspeople based in France.

To capitalise on the success of this first event, a second DS x MÉTIERS D’ART competition aiming to highlight new talent is being developed. Always very involved in French luxury expertise, DS Automobiles will also be a partner with the upcoming Révélations International Biennial of Crafts and Creation, from 9th to 12th June at the Grand Palais Éphémère.

Part of DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS, the CMF (Colours, Materials and Finish) department epitomises the perfect match between design, luxury and expertise. A team with diverse creative horizons, these designers are constantly striving for the most appropriate lines, textures and shades. This research is supported by the expertise of upholstery and paint workshops, the quality of partner suppliers, but also the craftspeople who DS Automobiles collaborates with from the outset to enhance its concept cars and works closely with on the development of future materials using quality and exclusive processes.

Driven by this research into creativity and quality, the DS Automobiles teams launched a design competition focusing on the best French craftspeople, in partnership with the Studio Métiers Rares. Seeking the strength of innovation from crafts through a technical and aesthetic challenge enables a deepening of the creative and innovative bond between DS Automobiles and these established or emerging professionals from the creative crafts scene.

Starting in April 2021, the DS x MÉTIERS D’ART competition was made up of four stages. To begin with, the candidates register an account. An internal committee nominated ten entrants who had to produce samples with an allotted budget.

Picked by a jury consisting of DS Automobiles teams and leading figures in the fields of art and design (Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, Lison de Caunes, Master of Art in straw marquetry, Hubert Barrère, Artistic director of Maison Lesage and corset maker, Anna Le Corno, cabinet maker and designer from Atelier Farouche Paris, Béatrice Foucher, DS Automobiles CEO, Thierry Metroz, DS Automobiles Design Director and Jean-Philippe Vanhulle, Head of the DS Automobiles upholstery studio), three finalists (Anne Lopez – general creative, Dimitri Hlinka and Nicolas Pinon, Jean-Baptiste Saint-Criq, Cercus marquetry) were next asked to create DS 9 door panel trim, still within a set budget. The jury then named Anne Lopez winner of the first DS x MÉTIERS D’ART competition, with DS Automobiles giving her a budget to produce the interior trim for a unique DS 9 (called DS 9 MÉTIERS D’ART).

Thierry Metroz, DS Automobiles Design Director: “Since DS Automobiles came about, we’ve established numerous collaborations with organisations, artists and craftspeople who have extraordinary expertise. DS x MÉTIERS D’ART is part of this continual search for innovation. This was the opportunity to discover great talent. Anne Lopez created an extremely powerful design with a great deal of sophistication and elegance. I loved her way of bringing movement to her work and catching the light. There is a character that fits perfectly with the spirit of DS 9’s interior and has a really stunning impact when you see the cockpit of DS 9 MÉTIERS D’ART.”

Designer Anne Lopez relied on craftsmen’s techniques to create the trim away from the car. She draws inspiration especially from movement and the effect of the wind on nature. A graduate in Fine Art from Paris and the École d’Art Mural Versailles, she has already seen her work shown in Europe, America and Asia and she becomes the first winner of DS x MÉTIERS D’ART.

Anne Lopez, winner of DS x MÉTIERS D’ART: “I found it surprising and very innovative that a luxury car brand like DS Automobiles called on professional artists to work on the interior trim of a car. I was inspired, because I work in movement and the wind, and it seemed logical to me to convey this dynamic. From the first stage, I fell for the shape of the part I was working with, I imagined it as a wing. My objective was to communicate the shape with the material that I was going to apply. I imagined a kind of plumage of a creature that was a hybrid between a bird and reptile, between feather and scale. The discussions with the jury were very instructive. We were pushed to go further still and I’m happy and proud to have been picked as the winner.”

DS 9 MÉTIERS D’ART introduces a stucco finished interior trim. The coating is etched by the artist and it dries gradually. The movement given to parts is supported by the interplay of colours with areas that catch the light, particularly through gilding, against others in shadow. A one-off, DS 9 MÉTIERS D’ART will shortly be on show in select DS STORES worldwide.

A second DS x MÉTIERS D’ART will be organised between 2022 and 2023 to instigate more connections with craftspeople and to continue working in collaboration to develop new creative concepts.