DS Connect Box

DS Connect Box

The personal assistant inside your DS


Your DS will summon help automatically if you need it, guiding rescue services to your location

If you need assistance, your DS is probably already on the case. If the car is involved in a collision, the intelligent on-board system will call the emergency services using its integrated SIM card. It will then give your GPS co-ordinates so rescuers can find you. Alternatively, if you need help simply press the SOS button and rest assured, aid will be on its way.


If you need technical support, press the DS button. Thanks to the integrated SIM, a DS expert will be at the end of the line, 24/7, in your own language. If we can’t solve the problem remotely, we’ll send someone who can.

88798 8943

All DS vehicles equipped with Connect Box are ‘connected-ready’ and a range of other services can be offered, depending on your vehicle.