E-TENSE Remote Control

E-TENSE Remote Control

Keep in touch with your DS

For electric and plug-in hybrid car drivers, we know that charging is front of mind – which is why all DS E-TENSE models offer E-TENSE Remote Control free of charge.

This feature allows you to start, stop or programme charging at the touch of a smartphone button, as well as pre-warm or pre-cool your vehicle before you start a journey.

Accessible through the MyDS mobile app, E-TENSE owners have to subscribe to the E-TENSE Remote Control service, and on first set-up must go through an initial security validation procedure. This is to associate your subscription and your phone with your vehicle, as well as set a PIN code. MyDS guides you though the process, which is all designed with your safety in mind, to ensure only you can remotely control the features of your vehicle.


See the current state of charge or estimated remaining range. This will automatically show the range the last time your phone was connected to the vehicle, and can be refreshed using the icon top right.



While your car is charging, see the battery state of charge, the charging speed and the forecast remaining charging time. You can toggle between immediate or deferred charge, and set the schedule for deferred charging. If you have an off peak tariff from your electricity provider, deferring charging to match your off peak rate times is an easy way to further reduce the costs of electric motoring.



Start each journey with your vehicle already at an optimum temperature, no matter the time of year. Designed for your comfort, this function is available whether the car is plugged-in or not and will bring the cabin temperature to 21˚C. If the vehicle is charging, it will take the energy from the charging source, so as not to deplete the range of your battery.

Start & stop this feature manually within the MyDS app, or programme to suit your schedule.


Owners can subscribe to the E-TENSE Remote Control service online on the DS Services Store, or directly though the MyDS app. You will need to download the MyDS app to follow the activation procedure and use the service.