Video Tutorials – DS 3 E-TENSE

Video Tutorials – DS 3 E-TENSE

Have you just got your DS 3 E-TENSE and are looking for help or information about its features?
Here you will find a series of video tutorials to help you make the most of your car.

Activation of E-TENSE Remote Control

This video explains how to subscribe and activate E-TENSE remote control via the MyDS app.

How To Use DS E-TENSE Remote Control

Keep in touch with your DS via the My DS mobile app. Includes features such as charge status, approximate range in electric mode, connection status of the car, programming temperature pre-set and more.

Charging At Home

This video shows all you need to know about the various options for charging your DS 3 E-TENSE at home.

Charging From a DS Wall Box

Professionally installed, this private charging point is recommended by DS as the best way to charge your electric car at home or work.

Charging From a Regular Household Supply

This method of charging enables you to charge your electric car at home, at friends’ homes or at your workplace without any special equipment.

Charging From An Upgraded Household Supply

Safer than a regular household power outlet, the upgraded household supply enables you to charge your electric car more quickly by providing you with an upgraded Mode 2 cable.

Please note: these are general tutorial films created to serve multiple markets. For specific Irish advice, please contact us at DS Automobiles Ireland.