Video Tutorials – DS 9

Video Tutorials – DS 9

Discover a series of how-to videos (video tutorials) and 3D technology films to help you discover the benefits of your vehicle’s in-car options.


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In this video, see how DS NIGHT VISION works. With its infrared camera, this system spots pedestrians and animals on the road and verges in real time. Learn how:

– The screen shows you the system is ready
– To display night vision
– To turn the NIGHT VISION option on or off


This intelligent suspension system relies on a camera located at the top of the windscreen as well as multiple sensors that constantly look for imperfections in the road. They transmit this data in milliseconds to a computer that operates each wheel independently. Depending on the information it receives this continuously makes the suspension harder or softer, guaranteeing optimal comfort.


With its main LED projector headlamp and three rotating modules, DS ACTIVE LED VISION offers several modes of lighting specific to each driving situation. The modules work together to instantly adjust the angle, intensity and range of the light beam depending on driving conditions (weather and light levels). It doesn’t matter if you are driving in town, the country or on the motorway, the lighting will adapt to guarantee vision in high definition.


We’ve designed DS DRIVE ASSIST to help the driver while enabling them to retake control of the car at any time. This system adjusts the speed and distance relative to the vehicle in front and positions DS 9 precisely in its lane by controlling the steering if the driver wants. It oversees speed and steering, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind at the wheel.

The system also controls stopping (within a 3-second limit) and restarting when traffic gets heavy.


Day and night, a system of sensors and a camera look for signs of tiredness or distraction in the driver as well as monitoring the vehicle’s trajectory. If they detect sleepiness or a lack of attention an audible alert sounds in the cockpit and is displayed on the central screen.


With DS PARK PILOT, parking becomes remarkably easy.

This intelligent system can detect a parking space big enough for DS 9 simply by driving past at up to 30km/h. With this assistance technology the car parks on its own, in bays or parallel, without the driver touching the steering wheel or pedals.


 Elegance and technology are the order of the day with the flush-mounted door handles from DS 9. Operation is simple: the door handles fold out when users need them, the rest of the time they slide into the side of the car . With the innovative hands-free access and starting system (PROXIMITY KEYLESS ENTRY & START), all you have to do is approach the car and within a radius of 1.5 meters, the car unlocks, the four handles deploy automatically, and all you have to do is open the door to get behind the wheel. When moving away, the handles retract and the vehicle automatically locks.


FOCAL worked with DS engineers and technicians to develop a specialised HiFi system: ELECTRA®, a high-end signature with 14 loud speakers ideally positioned around the DS 9 cabin. The tweeters are in the shark fins. The result is an exceptional immersive experience. The sound is well balanced, crisp, true to life for live, physical sound and real spatialisation of the sound stage, like an auditorium.


The dynamic serenity of DS Automobiles reaches new heights with DS 9 E-TENSE. Our work on the finest details have resulted in an uncompromised balance between excellent road holding and ultimate comfort. When SPORT mode is turned on, the combined output of two electric motors and the petrol engine gives DS 9 unbelievable power, enabling it to put out 360 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque for a hugely flexible driving experience.