Charge your E-TENSE vehicle

Recharge daily, drive 100% electric

Charging is an essential step to take full advantage of your rechargeable electric or hybrid vehicle. When you are not using your vehicle, it takes just a few seconds to plug it in and charge it. We recommend that you charge your plug-in hybrid vehicle every day in order to enjoy sufficient 100% electric range to complete the majority of daily trips.

Types of charging

How to charge your vehicle

You can charge your electric vehicle or hybrid car at a public charging point or a private charging point. With a private charging point, you can charge your vehicle at your workplace or directly at home. You have several options for recharging your E-TENSE, each of which influences the charging time of your vehicle. With its many advantages, such as its charging speed and its safety, the DS Wall Box is the charging solution that we favour. Our electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are compatible with these charging methods.

DS ePro Wall Box

Our DS ePro Wall Box allow secure and optimal recharging of your DS. Depending on the intensity chosen, recharging your DS 3 E-TENSE to 100% can be done in 5:15 with a 3-phase Mode 3 cable.*

*with an 11 Kw on-board charger.

Reinforced Grip

The installation of a reinforced plug allows you, thanks to the secure box delivering more power, to considerably improve the charging speed of your DS 3 E-TENSE. You can also recharge your daily 50 km in 2h30 with a reinforced Mode 2 cable.

Domestic outlet

Our E-TENSE models can easily be recharged from a standard household outlet, thanks to the standard Mode 2 cable supplied with the purchase. This troubleshooting solution allows you to reach 100 km of charge in less than 10 hours for DS 3 E-TENSE.

The electric autonomy of these vehicles being lower than that of a 100% electric vehicle, the charging times are consequently reduced. Allow 2h for a full recharge of DS 7 E-TENSE on an 7.4kW installation with a DS Wall Box.

Easy installation in 4 steps

Professional service from advice to installation

An advisor calls you to define the right solution for your needs.

A technician analyses the needs for the installation of the solution at your home.

Your advisor will send you the quote for the acquisition and installation of your wall box.

A technician delivers, installs and commissions your wall box at home.

DS ePro Wall Box is a powerful and safe charging system. It is ideal for those who need to recharge quickly at home but without sacrificing safety.

A touch screen and a dedicated app allows you to control the box, via Bluetooth / WiFi or 4G.

It is also possible to control access to avoid unauthorised use thanks to the RFID card.
This wall box is already future proof, ready for the next generation of communication between vehicle and electric grids.

Charging cables

There are several types of cables for recharging your electric or hybrid rechargeable car, to be adapted according to the charging solution chosen and the power of your vehicle’s on-board charger. All our charging cables are available as accessories. Find out more at the nearest DS STORE to find out.


Mode 2 Cable
This cable can support a power of 1.8 kW. It is optimised for use on a domestic outlet.

Reinforced Mode 2 Cable
This cable can support a power of 3.2 kW. It is optimised for use on a reinforced socket.

Single-Phase Mode 3 Cable
This cable can support a power of 7.4 kW. It is optimised for use on a 7.4 kW DS Wall Box or a public charging station.

Three-Phase Mode 3 Cable
This cable can support a power of 22 kW. It is optimised for use on an 11kW or 22kW DS Wall Box or a public charging station.

Learn more about charging times

Learn more about charging times

Charging your electric vehicle requires two types of available energy: alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Alternating current, distributed by most public networks, allows you to charge your battery at home or Charging time then depends on the power (kW) of the charging cables combined with the capacity of the on-board charger in your DS.

Generally accessible on motorway service areas, other terminals convert alternating current into direct current. During a long journey, they allow you to benefit from rapid and optimized recharging of your battery. Please note, they are only compatible with 100% electric vehicles

Public Charging

Find a public charging point

Connected to your vehicle, you can drive with peace of mind anywhere in Ireland and Europe.

So, whether in towns or on a long journey, you will easily access all the charging points compatible with our E-TENSE models thanks to a dedicated navigation function.

Drive with peace of mind, benefiting from a network of more than 1,350 charging points in Ireland and nearly 330,000 in Europe.