February 20, 2023



Michelin-starred chef, among the most creative of his generation, Julien Dumas is becoming DS Automobiles ambassador for gastronomy.

Symbolic of the French lifestyle, gastronomy will be one of the emblems of the “French Art of Travel” at DS Automobiles. A form of expression for DS Automobiles in the same way as culture and fashion, gastronomy is symbolic of the French lifestyle. Since its launch, DS Automobiles has explored many aspects of gastronomy. After having organised numerous incredible culinary experiences, DS Automobiles is maintaining a foothold in gastronomy to carry on appealing to connoisseurs.

Since 2010, the French gourmet meal has been registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. The pleasure of taste, the harmony between the human being and nature’s produce, the careful choice of dishes among a body of recipes which doesn’t stop getting richer, great products whose flavours work together, the combination of dishes and wines, the table decoration and special body language during tasting are identified as incredible expertise, ways of sharing and showing emotion.

To support this commitment, Julien Dumas is becoming DS Automobiles ambassador for gastronomy. Michelin-Starred chef – working for the Bellefeuille restaurant in the Saint James Paris hotel – Julien Dumas offers seasonal cooking dedicated to nature.

Passionate about his relationships with his suppliers, market gardeners, fishmongers and breeders, he prioritises the authenticity of artisan farmers and fisheries, by offering very high quality taste and nutrition.

Julien Dumas is driven by these meetings and his travel, by the ocean, its fish, shellfish, seaweed and shoreline grasses. This escape is in keeping with an eco-friendly approach to cooking.

As as well as DS Automobiles ambassador for gastronomy, Julien Dumas drives a New DS 7 E-TENSE plug-in hybrid, with the capability of driving up to 65 kilometres (WLTP cycle) in zero emissions mode. With its technology, the choice of materials and its elegance, New DS 7 E-TENSE is an invitation to the French Art of Travel. It is a perfect accomplice for exploring new ideas and meeting producers in search of quality products.

“I really appreciate the DS Automobiles approach, as much in terms of the love for French expertise as for the development in technology to be part of the energy transition. If I translate these values into my own field, these are the pillars of my cooking that I want: seasonal and close to the environment. Just like DS Automobiles, I work closely with craftspeople. I have grown my own kitchen garden and I am very connected to the sea. I tell the story of my trips between town and sea in my menu and its headings. These journeys are always a new experience that I love sharing.”

Julien Dumas, DS Automobiles ambassador for gastronomy

“When you talk about French expertise, gastronomy is essential. The chef Julien Dumas has a unique signature. He is very close to the people he works with. These relationships are translated through memorable stories and remarkable products. This desire for excellence, to share and this authenticity are values that are dear to us. Together we want to shine a light on the French lifestyle. Environmental responsibility is also a common mission, because DS Automobiles will launch only 100% electric models from 2024, that’s from next year.”

Béatrice Foucher, DS Automobiles CEO

Julien Dumas will participate in new experiences around the Art of Travel as a gastronomy ambassador. Over the next few months, the Chef will introduce his universe with the demonstration of the excellence of the savoir-faire of his cuisine and of DS Automobiles.

In his role as DS Automobiles ambassador, Julien Dumas joins Jean-Éric Vergne, double Formula E champion and driver for the DS PENSKE Formula E Team.