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SUV, CROSSOVER, compact SUV: each model combines innovative design and the latest technology.
A unique light signature playing with perception, an imposing and daring stance, giving a feeling of safety and wellbeing: this is the definition of the premium vehicle by DS.
DS 7
A lover of new automotive experiences, enjoy the road differently at the wheel of DS 7, with its two wide 12” screens, DS NIGHT VISION that gives increased visibility in the dark and DS CONNECTED PILOT that automatically controls your speed relative to the vehicle in front and keeps you in the lane.
DS 3
A true premium vehicle, DS 3 offers you comfort and tranquillity on every trip. This compact SUV was designed to provide an innovative and intense automotive experience where every kilometre is a journey for the senses.


Discover our SUV FAQs
What is an SUV?
SUV is the acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle and universally given to a vehicle that is raised up compared to a regular car. It’s a characteristic that gives it better visibility and the ability to head off the beaten track.
What is the difference between an SUV and a Crossover?
The difference lies in their design as well as how they’re used: the SUV is more spacious and can compete directly with family cars such as people carriers. The term crossover is usually applied to vehicles with smaller dimensions, nearer to superminis or compact hatchbacks in terms of usage.
How to choose your SUV?

Large SUVs
If you’re looking for a family SUV, you’ll appreciate large SUVs that can comfortably accommodate up to 5 passengers. Large SUVs have a length of up to 5 metres which gives a spacious cockpit and a large capacity boot. At DS Automobiles, the range has DS 7, an SUV with imposing and sophisticated looks. In terms of comfort, the French manufacturer offers seats designed with high-quality materials.

Compact SUVs
The compact SUV is a smaller SUV. Still with raised seating, this SUV doesn’t exceed 4.60 metres in length. A compact SUV also has better fuel economy than larger models, that’s what makes it a more versatile vehicle: as high performance on the open road as around town. Explore our DS 3, a compact SUV available with 3 levels of specification and driver assist technology: traffic sign recognition, Active Safety Brake etc…

What power units for an SUV and a Crossover?

The purchase of a new SUV requires choosing a power unit that’s best suited for your use.


SUV and Crossover: petrol and diesel engine
For combustion engines, you can choose a petrol (PureTech) or diesel (BlueHDi) SUV. A choice that will be driven by how you will use your vehicle.


SUV and Crossover with electrified power unit
Automobiles also offers plug-in hybrid SUVs that are the first step towards electrification. The union of a combustion engine with electric power enables plug-in hybrid SUV and crossover models with lower fuel consumption on the open road and in town.


DS Automobiles has the DS 7 plug-in hybrid SUV with an E-TENSE power unit and DS 3, also available with a 100% electric motor. The two models are offered with manual or automatic gearbox, depending on the choice of power unit.