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DS Range

DS Automobiles Range

Discover our models

DS Automobiles invites you to experience exceptional journeys thanks to our wide choice of customisable top-of-the-range vehicles.

SUVs & Crossovers

With a design that evokes power and is imbued with elegance, our SUVs defy established codes. Combining comfort with the best of technology, DS 3 and DS 7 have been designed to offer you an exceptional sensory experience.


The range of road-going and compact hatchbacks will seduce you with their elegance and good handling. On board the DS 4 and DS 9, enjoy unwavering driving comfort for long distances as well as urban journeys. Available with combustion or electric motors, you will also have the choice between different trim levels.

Electric vehicles

Born out of our commitment to Formula E, electric is anchored in our DNA and embodies the future. Electric vehicles will transform your journeys: instantly available torque, efficiency, total silence on board: discover the electric vehcile according to DS today.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles

Zero CO2 emissions in 100% electric mode, reduced consumption in the combined cycle: discover the advantages of the plug-in hybrid. Efficient and versatile, our plug-in hybrid vehicles make every trip a pleasure.


Discover our FAQs

How to choose your new vehicle?

Buying a new vehicle represents a significant investment and requires several criteria to be taken into account: silhouette, number of seats, automatic or manual gearbox, engine, frequency of use, etc. It is also recommended that you think about what you are going to use it for: driving in the city or making long journeys in rural areas for example.

What type of vehicle should I choose?

To choose the right new vehicle, it is necessary to know the different car models. DS Automobiles offers a range of hatchbacks and saloons as well as SUVs and Crossovers.


SUV and Crossovers
SUVs and Crossovers are similar in terms of design, with a high ground clearance that allows for a high seat, like an off-road vehicle. These spacious vehicles have a large interior volume and offer all the comforts of a family car. In the DS range, there are DS 3 and DS 7.


Hatchbacks and Saloons
Hatchbacks are medium-sized, elongated vehicles with neat finishes. Saloons usually have powerful engines that allow them to cover long distances without neglecting the comfort of the driver and passengers. In this range, we find the DS 9 or the DS 4.

Electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel: which engine should you choose?

Vehicles with internal combustion engines
Combustion engine vehicle, with a petrol or diesel engine, are still in demand despite the rise of electric vehicles. Indeed, vehicles with internal combustion engines are appreciated for long distances thanks to their range.


Opting for a new electric vehicle
Buying a new electric vehicle can cost a certain amount of money. However, the advantages of this engine are undeniable: savings on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, ecological because no CO2 emissions.


The hybrid trade-off?
A hybrid vehicle combines a combustion engine and an electric engine. The hybrid powertrain can thus be the perfect choice to take advantage of the advantages of each technology.


Reliability and peace of mind with a new vehicle
The purchase price of a used car is certainly lower than that of a new vehicle. However, the acquisition of a new vehicle gives you a certain peace of mind: manufacturer's warranty, extended equipment life, savings on maintenance costs, etc.