June 1, 2023



DS Automobiles is the benchmark when it comes to electric technology: from the track with the DS E-TENSE FE23 to the road with the New DS 7 E-TENSE 4x4 360.

DS Automobiles, the first premium marque engaged in Formula E, takes full advantage of championship success in the all-electric single-seater series to accelerate the development of its road cars.

Ever since the ABB FIA Formula E championship opened up to manufacturers, DS Automobiles is the only marque to have won at least one race every season. In America, Asia, Europe and Africa – with three generations of single-seater – DS Performance has claimed four world titles, 47 podiums and 16 victories in 98 races.

The know-how and experience gained from competing against some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers in a particularly hard-fought championship is a huge boost for DS Automobiles. Competition constitutes a true open-air laboratory for DS Performance, forming a crucible for innovation.

DS Performance has produced a number of the physical parts on the DS E-TENSE FE23 driven by Jean-Éric Vergne and Stoffel Vandoorne – such as the rear motor unit, including the energy recovery system and transmission, cooling system, electrical system and rear suspension – as well as the software and algorithms that optimise energy management. Everything that DS Performance learns through Formula E is useful knowledge for the people who make the E-TENSE road cars from DS Automobiles.

New DS 7 E-TENSE 4×4 360 uses an energy recovery system that comes directly from Formula E. It’s even more efficient than the system on older models and optimises management by analysing the pressure placed on the brake pedal, offering unprecedented braking quality.

As pioneers in energy transition, the men and women of DS Automobiles have tracked the development of electrification thanks to regular software and hardware evolutions. With its four Formula E titles, the manufacturer is already aiming for a future without CO2 emissions on the road. From 2024, all new cars from DS Automobiles will be 100% electric.

Béatrice Foucher, DS Automobiles chief executive officer:

“Since the Formula E championship opened itself up to manufacturers, we have taken the decision to enter this innovative competition with the objective of accelerating the development of our electrified range and growing the profile of DS Automobiles. The expertise we have accumulated since 2015, underlined by our four world titles and the many victories we have taken throughout all the continents visited by the championship, directly benefits our customers thanks to the continuous technology transfer we have put in place. Because it’s our customers who are the real winners from our success in the world’s most prominent 100% electric championship.”

Eugenio Franzetti, DS Performance director:

“Motorsport has always been an extraordinary research and development tool. That’s even more true today as we’re at the heart of an electrical revolution within the car industry. Formula E is a very useful laboratory to accelerate and fine-tune electrification. Thanks to motorsport, DS Performance has developed ultra-powerful energy recovery software, as well as physical components such as the engine and inverter that have become smaller and more efficient as time goes on. All this experience has already been built into our current electrified range and will be found once more in the forthcoming 100% electric cars from the brand.”