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DS 3 Configurator

Project yourself on board your DS 3 with the DS configurator.

From our configurator, personalise your new vehicle according to your desires and needs: finishes, engines, equipment, design, etc.

Make your new DS the vehicle that suits you.

Available specifications
The compact SUV DS 3 is available in two finishes: BASTILLE+ and RIVOLI. These finishes are accompanied by a range of standard equipment and accessories to meet all your requirements.
Different choices of possible power unit
Depending on the trim level selected, your DS 3 will be available with a PureTech petrol engine, or a 100% electric E-TENSE. You can also choose between a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission, depending on the engine selected.
Interior and exterior design that suits you
Your DS 3 is customisable thanks to the many possibilities in the choice of the body colour or the wheels. Enhance your DS 3 by choosing the universe that represents you..
For your comfort, DS 3 has a length of 4418 mm, a width of 1988 mm with exterior mirror, and a height of 1534 mm. With a trunk of 350 L and many storage spaces DS 3 offers practical and functional spaces.
To improve your well-being and safety on board, DS 3 offers a series of equipment depending on the version chosen: ADML PROXIMITY, DS IRIS System, DS DRIVE ASSIST, DS MATRIX LED VISION ...