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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

WE VALUE YOUR PRIVACY. We use cookies to bring you the best experience and to improve the relevance of our communications with you. Your preferences matter to us, we will only use the data for which you give your consent.

For more information on our data policies, please visit our Privacy Policy.


This website uses different categories of cookies (subject to your consent when it is required) on your device to recognise your device's browser for as long as the cookie concerned is valid. The cookies policy applies to any product or service that links to this policy or incorporates it by reference.


The operator and controller of the website can be found in the Privacy Statement.


Please read this policy carefully before using this website. It explains how we use cookies and how you can manage them.


To go directly to the section to manage this website's cookies, click “Make your choice about cookies”.

1. What is a “cookie”?

Cookies are small files that are sent from our website to your computer or mobile phone to improve your user experience. They do this by remembering you and your personal preferences, such as your location.

And don't worry – only we can read cookies that are served from our website and will never share this information with any third parties.

2. How are you informed?
The first time you access our website, you are informed via a respective banner about the use of cookies and the related cookie category. The individual cookies are described below.
3. Make your choice about cookies

You can access our cookies management tool to manage your cookie preferences for each cookie category (except essential cookies, which cannot be switched off in our systems) by clicking the respective button in the cookies banner.


In the following section, we will inform you about the cookies used on our website. If you do not agree to the setting of individual cookies, you can deactivate the respective cookie by clicking the provided link. If there are no direct links to deactivation for some cookies, you can restrict the use of cookies in your browser settings.

4. What categories of cookies does this website use and for which purpose(s)?

We may use the following categories of cookies on this website:


  • Essential cookies
  • Marketing cookies
  • Social Media cookies
  • Audience/Performance/Tracking cookies


(i) Essential cookies enable our users to navigate our website and use its features. These cookies cannot be disabled in our systems. Without these cookies, it will not be possible, for example, to log in to a private area.


We use essential cookies to:


  • Ensure that the functions of the web page are carried out correctly,
  • Allow you to remember information about a form you may have completed on our website or about products, services or information you have selected
  • Allow you to access your personal areas on our website.
  • Adapt the appearance of the website to your preferences (language, format, etc.)
  • Implement security measures during login


You can set your browser to block or alert you to the presence of these cookies, but this may cause some difficulty in accessing the website or its services.


You can find a list of cookies and publishers by clicking on "Cookie Preference", "Configure" and then on the information button to the right of the type of cookie concerned.


(ii) Audience/performance/tracking cookies collect information about how users use our website (audience measurement) and about user activities on the Internet. They help us to improve the features of our website, to see which areas our users are most interested in and to learn more about the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. All of this helps us to provide our users with the services and features that best meet their needs.


We use audience/performance/tracking cookies to:


  • create statistics about the use of our website,
  • see the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, and
  • examine user behaviour (without individual identification), and so improve our website.
  • Some of the performance cookies are provided by authorised third parties, but we do not authorise the use of these cookies for purposes other than those explained in this policy.


You can find a list of cookies and publishers by clicking on "Cookie Preference", "Configure" at the bottom of the page and then on the information button to the right of the relevant type of cookie.


(iii) Marketing/social networking cookies, including retargeting cookies, allow us to make more interesting offers to our users. Retargeting cookies are stored on the user's device during browsing sessions. They allow us to advertise our products on partner websites and social networks to users who have been interested in our products.


We use marketing and social media cookies to:


  • send you advertisements that are more tailored to your needs (personalised advertising)
  • leverage our communication by creating new contacts through advertising
  • analyse your use of our website for predictive advertising


These marketing and social media cookies require your prior consent. If you do not allow these cookies, it will not affect your browsing or use of our website.


You can find a list of cookies and publishers by clicking on "Cookie Preference", "Configure" and then on the information button to the right of the relevant cookie type.

5. Changes to the Cookie Policy
Any future changes to our cookie policy will be posted on this website. You should therefore check this policy regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes. We will notify you of any material changes and seek your consent where necessary.
6. How to Contact Us

The contact details of the data controller and the data protection officer can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Version: July 2022

See the legal notice for details of the operator and publisher of the Site.

For more information on how we process your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.